Often, many people purchase their homes in the Spring and Summertime in Port Alberni, especially people with children: they want to ensure that their children are settled before the school year starts in September. Which means that the housing market heats up during these months and can potentially drive demand up in Port Alberni.  It can be frustrating when you make an offer on your dream home but there are multiple offers on that house.  Do you increase your offer or move on?  

Buying a Home in Winter in Port Alberni

Why not wait until the Winter! When the housing market slows down a little due to weather, there will be a decrease in homes on the market for sale but the buyer gains advantage facing less of a competition from other buyers.  The buyer’s chances on purchasing their dream home in Port Alberni for the right price may increase, due to the fact that some sellers are more motivated to sell knowing that the market is less active.  As well, it is rare that there would be multiple offers on the same home, this alone takes a lot of financial pressure and stress away. 

Wintertime is a great time to look at homes that are on the market in Port Alberni,  as the weather conditions are harsher during this season and this can help you evaluate the conditions on the home before you make an offer and pay a home inspector to inspect the home.  Some issues are more likely to appear in the Winter such as; leaks from roof shingles, foundation cracks from the cold, unlevel grading around the property, unsealed windows, water pooling at the entrance of the home, is the home insulated properly do you feel a draft?  You will also get to experience the heating system firsthand in Winter and you will be able to feel the air vents and ensure that the hot air flows throughout the home and to ensure that the wood fire operates correctly. 

Buying a home in Winter provides you with an opportunity to discover these repairs or replacements that you wouldn’t discover during the Summer and Spring months.  Being aware of these repairs or replacements now will help you make better decisions, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Winter weather may prevent you form getting a good essence of the yard, if it is covered in snow, you should ask your Realtor if photos are available of the yard from the previous Spring or Summertime. If gardening is important to you then ask your Realtor to find out if the current owners maintain their yard and with what type of plants or vegetables. 

Another aspect is that arranging a mortgage may go more smoothly in the Winter because your mortgage specialist will not be as busy during the Winter.

Hiring movers is easier in Winter, as during Spring and Summer they are booked solid. So, if you shop around you may get a cheaper price than during the Spring or Summertime.  As well, the movers may be more flexible with your schedule too as there will be less of a demand for them. 

Let’s face it when Spring rolls around you want to be settled in your new home ready to enjoy the sunshine not unpacking and moving furniture. Winter is a great time to consider buying a home, especially when you can save time and a lot of money.