It's December 19th, 2020. It has been about 2 weeks now; I think I should finally formally introduce myself. Hi, my name is Ashley. I am the new office administrator and marketer at Royal Lepage here in Port Alberni. How am I liking it you may ask? The answer is great! 


Port Alberni


It has been 25 (and a half) years living here in the Alberni Valley, I like to refer to myself as a true local. I have basically spent my whole life here, I spent a year or two floating back and forth from the neighboring town of Nanaimo, but nothing truly felt quite like home like Port Alberni does.

I am sure you already have questions. It has been 25 years, and you still live in your small hometown? The answer is YES, and here is why.

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world at the ripe age of 25. Mexico, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Rome, Austria, Nevada, and South East Asia. There are plenty of beautiful places out there, but nothing quite compares to Vancouver Island, specifically Port Alberni. Being at the heart of the Island, we have access to everything we need right at our fingertips. Mountains, to hike or to snowboard right in our backyard, beautiful pristine lakes to swim, the freshest air to breathe, the sightseeing and wildlife are incredible, and to top it all off the town is quiet. I mean, that is not for everyone, but to me, that is everything I look for and have grown to love.

Do not get me wrong, the hustle and bustle of the big city can be exciting (in small doses) but can also be expensive. With prices on the rise, not only in real estate but in life in general, the Alberni Valley is reasonably affordable, particularly for us younger generation.

Rewinding to 2018, I purchased My first home in a desired Port Alberni location, out in the beautiful Cherry Creek district. Golf course and mountain range central. The house was a total renovation, but it was such a positive experience. You often hear people say “Renovations are a real test of your relationship and your sanity” let me tell you, that is not always the case. Commonly the first thought when shopping for a place to call home and you hear the words “fixer-upper” can be quite daunting, especially for first-time homebuyers. I say this because I know this was my first thought, but not here in the Alberni Valley. So many resources and knowledgeable folks to be found.


During the big renovation process, I learned that it was something I am passionate for. I loved each stage of the project, from swinging the hammer and putting the first hole in the wall, from design layout, picking out countertops, paint color, and flooring. You name it, I was already on it, learning all kinds of new things and it really got my creative side flowing.

Anyway fast forward to November 2020, I quit my job as a server and now here I am, at Royal Lepage. A complete 360 from what I am used to. Everyone has been so welcoming and has made my transition so comfortable. I am excited to grow my knowledge and experience in the real estate and housing field.  I look forward to connecting with you in the future.

Until then, Stay safe out there.