Have you ever dreamed of relocating to Port Alberni or another part of BC? Relocating can be stressful, buying a home can be confusing: is it in a good location, near schools, transit, parks, shopping, is there crime in that area, so many questions? Where to begin?    

Relocating to Port Alberni

The first step is Research, a tip would be to Google Map the different MLS listings in Port Alberni and Alberni Valley, such as Sproat Lake, Cherry Creek, Beaver Creek, Bamfield, and the Alberni Inlet to utilize the Google Street Maps to virtually walk the streets in that specific community of Port Alberni or  Alberni Valley , this will provide you with a sense of what is important to you , maybe schools, near shopping, hiking trails, waterfront views, mountain views, privacy, etc. 

Once you have completed your research on the different neighbourhoods in Port Alberni and Alberni Valley, the fun part starts looking for a new home to buy. The first step would be to contact a Realtor to help you search for new MLS listings in that neighbourhood maybe Sproat Lake, Salmon Beach, Bamfield, Cherry Creek, Beaver Creek. Your Real Estate Agent will have lots of knowledge and experience in all aspects of Real Estate, whether it’s buying bare land, manufactured home, single family, strata etc.  especially if they are from the area of Port Alberni or Alberni Valley. Narrowing down your research to what is important to you like rancher, two level home, home with a finished basement, lakefront property, condo, manufactured home and the list goes on. This will help you build a strong relationship with your Realtor and help them assist you best when making one of the biggest purchases of your life, your new home.  

How to decide on which home to buy? Visit the neighbourhood in person, look at the other homes on that street, is it a noisy street?  Do others keep their homes neat?  Does it look like a safe neighbourhood? Are there many homes with “for sale” signs?  The home itself meets your criteria, does it have the bedrooms and bathrooms that are on the wish list, the fenced yard, the big gourmet kitchen, the granite countertops, finished basement, lots of natural light, vaulted ceilings, is it near dog parks, is it near a lake, near hiking trails, near a hospital, near schools?

Talk to the neighbours and get a feel of the neighbourhood. Ask the neighbours the cons and pros of buying and selling a home in that area of Port Alberni or Alberni Valley.

If you have children you would need to review the schools, creches, any activities and bus routes in that area of Port Alberni or Alberni Valley. 

Also, another important factor is your commute from your home in Port Alberni or Alberni Valley, BC to work. Are you happy with the length of time that it takes you to get home? As many people desire a happy balance with work and home. 

Another method of connecting with Port Alberni and Alberni Valley is finding out more information is to search for social media groups from the Port Alberni and Alberni Valley and ask questions. You may make some new contacts before you arrive. Most Realtors advertise their open houses through social media too.  One thing to note is to take some peoples personal opinions or anecdote with a grain of salt, as all parts of Vancouver Island, BC and the rest of the world have their own cons, but in my opinion the pros out number them, especially in Port Alberni, BC .  

Talk to the people that work in the local restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and other local stores. Visit the local tourism centre and ask for free maps and magazines of the different neighbourhoods in Port Alberni and Alberni Valley, which are Sproat Lake, Cherry Creek, Beaver Creek, Bamfield, and the Alberni Inlet.  Read the free local papers as a lot of different MLS listings and open houses are advertised in them. You will get a sense of what types of homes are for sale in Port Alberni or Alberni Valley, BC and the different styles i.e. Contemporary, Country, Rancher, West Coast, Victorian etc.  

Relocating doesn’t mean you are on your own, there are plenty of resources to help make the move to your new home a success and stress-free experience.