Spring has finally sprung. The first week of spring is always my favorite time in the Alberni Valley, everything starts to come back to life! After the looong winter we have had, it is a breath of fresh air to have the sun beaming through the windows, to hear the birds chirping and to finally see some of those vibrant colors outside while the flowers start to bloom. 

Spring has Sprung


As winter starts to fade and become a memory, everyone begins to come out of hibernation and the hustle and bustle of spring starts in full force. Spring is one of the busiest times of year for some, spring cleaning, projects, and selling your home. Many homeowners have been waiting months for the perfect time to sells their homes, and now is that time!

Some questions you may be thinking may include: How do I find an agent? How do I jump start this process of selling my home? How should I prepare my home? What are the new protocols that 2020 may have implemented? Well, good thing I got the answers for you.

Selling your home may feel like an intimidating task but with the help of an experienced real estate agent, the process should be a breeze. Here at Royal LePage we have many experienced and knowledgeable agents ready to help you. A few encouraging aspects of having an agent by your side will help you get your listing reached by many potential buyers that you may not get while using the “For sale By Owner'' tactic. An agent will also help guide you through all the different procedures you have to take for a successful sell. Let them take care of the stressful work while you sit back and get your house ready to sell! Some key steps to be thinking about in preparation to sell your home's curb appeal, depersonalizing, decluttering, and paint.

Many potential purchasers are nosey. We like to drive by and check out the listings and neighborhoods before making the decision to view the property. I say “we” because this is something I have done and looked for while seeking my potential home, and let me tell you, curb appeal is important. No one wants to hike up to your front door with overgrown grass and weeds at their knees. Keeping things trim and tidy are essential for a positive first impression. Throwing a couple flower pots for an added pop of color, a welcome mat for an inviting touch, a bush prune and grass trim will do wonderful things not only for you but for hooking those looky-loos into viewing your home.

House hunters want to be able to envision themselves in your home and making it their own is a lot easier when your home is a blank canvas. With stuff piled high and old pictures hanging on the wall it may be hard for a potential buyer to picture themselves and their stuff there. Buyers want to be able see every area of your home clutter free, it is crucial to maximize every inch of your space. Yes - this includes your junk closet, you want your home to appear as spacious as possible. A useful tip may include making the entryway more welcoming, it is the first impression of entering your home and can really set the mood for what is to come. Offer a place for a coat or a place to place your shoes. Coat racks, plants, and storage are a great way to create an inviting entrance. 

Keeping your home not only tidy, but clean is also vital. A fantastic way to freshen up your place is a coat of paint. Something so simple and affordable, yet something people often forget about it. Neutral colors are always a safe way to keep things, whites, greys, light earthy tones usually go with most buyers’ themes and home décor. So, a quick coat of paint over old stains and a floor wash will do great surprises and draw buyers in even more!

Things are a little different now a days from how we work to even how we socialize. This also includes how we buy and sell homes. New protocols have been put into place for the safety of everyone involved. Gloves, masks, cleaning, and waiver forms are also something to keep in the back of your mind while out house shopping in 2021. It is always a good idea to ask your agent about what new protocols are being implemented to stay informed before making that dive into hunting. 

Happy house huntin’ and buyin’ Port Alberni