The answer is Yes! But when you think about it, we have all worn a mask most Halloweens’ and have done so for many years in Port Alberni! It might be the most normal thing we do in 2020!

COVID is no reason to cancel Halloween, instead, our plans will be altered this year in Port Alberni. I have put together a small list of fun activities for your little monsters and big monsters to enjoy this year in Port Alberni and to spread some Halloween cheer. 

We all know that Port Alberni has a massive heart and the community is always helping each other out. Spread some Halloween cheer with anonymous acts of kindness. Leave a Halloween treat or something spooky at your neighbor’s front door with a note explaining the surprise and instructions on how to Boo two additional neighbors. This is called the Act of Booing your neighbors. 

Here is what you need to do: 

Fill two bags with Halloween candy. Make two copies of your instruction letters (You have been Booed! Now it is your turn to Boo two other people from our neighborhood) and a sign that says We have Been Booed. Choose two neighbors who have not been already Booed and make a Boo bag for them that includes the candy, letter, and a Boo sign. 

When your neighbors are not at their front door, leave your Boo bag at their door. Ring the bell, make sure you run so they do not see you!

Hang the Boo sign on your front door so your neighbors can see that you have already been Booed. Look for this sign as well before you Boo. 

In the days leading up to Halloween in Port Alberni, BC, your children will have fun looking for the neighbors that have not been Booed yet!        

We all know that family member that goes overboard at Christmas, well channel that energy and celebrate Halloween with pumpkins and lights and other spooky sights. Cut out witches, ghosts, and pumpkins and make your home one scary sight. Have the children cut out giant spiders from construction paper and hang them around your home. 

Like the Covid 19 birthday parades that so many people organized in Port Alberni. You can organize with your neighbors and have people drive by and gently throw candy at the children in their scary costumes in the front yard or throw candy into their treat bag. It is a win-win especially for the vulnerable and high-risk people in our community. We all get to enjoy the costumes and the children collect all the candy! 

Another idea is a Candy Graveyard, this is great to social distance, while trick or treating. Set up fake gravestones in your yard with Halloween treats or a Halloween tricks beside the gravestones and allow a small group in at a time for extra safety.

Organize a Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt! That is right egg hunts are not just for Easter. Buy some glow eggs and decorate them with Halloween stickers or markers. Add a trick or treat and hide them in the yard. 

Eat, drink and be scary! Halloween is a real treat have a fang-tastic night. 

Happy Haunting to everyone in Port Alberni from Royal LePage Pacific Rim Port Alberni!