Jack Roland

Jack Roland Realtor

1-4505 Victoria Quay
Port Alberni BC V9Y 6G2

I moved to Port Alberni in 2021 after selling my first big investment project in Cumberland. I was looking for a change of pace and a different lifestyle than I was currently living. I bought a boat, quit the job that took me away from home for long periods of time and started a new career as a Realtor.

Before life as a realtor I spent fifteen years of work and study in the construction industry, along with completing my own projects, I learned first-hand about the sacrifice, work and emotional effort required when bringing your visions to reality. I also spent over a decade as a Tree Planting Supervisor and there I gained a unique set of skills working with folks who are under pressure in an emotionally and physically trying scenario. Learning to support people when stakes are high has been a huge asset in my work as a Realtor. My goal is to make your buying, selling and building process smooth, supported and easeful beyond your expectations.

My days off in Port Alberni are spent with my sweetheart, my dog and my pals driving through the Alberni Inlet on our way out to catch fish and explore the coast. When I’m not on the ocean, I’m at Sproat Lake, playing my fiddle or gathering with friends and family around good food. It didn’t take long for this community to feel like home and for the lifestyle I was craving to become my reality. I don’t view real estate as just buying property, it’s investing in a life you want whether that’s financial gain, to slow down, speed up or settle in. I look forward to welcoming you to the Alberni Valley or to your new home.