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Houses for Sale in Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake, a scenic gem on Vancouver Island just 20km from Port Alberni, offers serene lake living amidst crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, and stunning landscapes.

The neighbourhood houses over 2,000 residents and provides an array of properties, from waterfront houses and rural businesses to recreational cabins, along its largely uninhabited 90.8 km perimeter. Below, browse houses for sale in Sproat Lake, Port Alberni, or continue reading to learn more.

About Sproat Lake

Lake living at its best all within a 20 km drive to downtown Port Alberni. Sproat Lake, located in the natural territory of the Nuu-chah-nulth, is one of the most beautiful natural treasures on Vancouver Island.

The crystal clear waters of this popular British Columbia vacation destination allow a swimmer, boater, or paddler to easily see 30 ft. down. With just over 2,000 residents, the Southwestern side of Stirling Arm, the shoreline of Kleecoot and the Northern side of Taylor Arm have homes, lots and recreational cabins dotting the foreshore.

The majority of Sproat Lake’s 90.8 km perimeter shoreline remains uninhabited as a pristine canvas of nature with tree covered majestic mountains dropping into the clear waters which meet secluded sandy and pebble beaches. Bays, islands, peninsulas, and river mouths add another approximate 200 km to the shoreline of the lake.

Laid out in the pattern of a cross, Sproat lake has a natural current which sees the waters of Stirling Arm, Kleecoot Arm, Taylor Arm and Two Rivers Arm renew themselves every two years. The 4 arms: Stirling Arm; Kleecoot Arm; Two Rivers Arm; and Taylor Arm are each a unique neighbourhood.

Stirling Arm has vacation residents and year round homes on the northeast shore facing southwest and is largely uninhabited on the other side, where Fossli Provincial Park and the Willows are located.

Kleecoot Arm is the most populated arm on Sproat Lake and is home to the Sproat Lake Provincial Park, The Coulsen’s Flying Tanker Base, and one of the finest panels of prehistoric petroglyphs named K’ak’awin. 

Two Rivers Arm, perhaps the wildest and most natural area of the lake, is accessible only by unpaved road and its well sheltered shores remain sparsely inhabited. You will find a hidden gem in the private wilderness campground at Sproat Lake Camping.

Taylor Arm, the longest arm on Sproat Lake, has marginally colder waters than the typical 21 degree celsius Summer temperature enjoyed by Stirling and Kleecoot Arms. Taylor Arm is the gateway to the West Coast and home to Taylor Arm Provincial Park.

Sproat Lake Housing Market

Featuring mostly residential and rural properties, the diverse Sproat Lake housing market is the top real estate location for a house on a warm water lake in BC on Vancouver Island. The neighbourhood provides a tranquil lifestyle filled with outdoor activities and consists of houses on the waterfront, across roads with lake access, and acreages off the water boasting hobby farms and rural purpose businesses. 

The Sproat Lake neighbourhood has community water systems drawing from the lake itself, wells and individual water systems, with the septic being handled by individual home septic fields and systems. Sproat Lake is under the governance of the ACRD and is served by the Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department and the Sproat Lake Community Association.

Real Estate on the waterfront primarily serves single family houses; with a few condo and townhouse developments having shared beaches and docks. Finding freehold land, bare land, and recreational RV lots is rare with the greatest potential being in Kleecoot Arm and Taylor Arm. Houses off the water are most common in Kleecoot Arm and the Stirling Arm Crescent. 

House sales in the Sproat Lake area mainly feature estates on the waterfront, older family homes, cabins, and condos or strata lots in developments. The sale price of waterfront houses on Sproat Lake for the year 2021-2022 ranged from $599,000 to $4,999,000 while the median sale price for non waterfront houses was $822,950. Investing in a Sproat Lake property isn't just about buying a house; it's securing a piece of Vancouver Island’s recreational paradise with a lifetime of awe-inspiring experiences.

Sproat Lake Neighbourhood Amenities

Fishing the Lake and the Rivers

Greenmax Trail is a wonderful hikers and anglers trail that leads to the popular fishing Spot at Eagle Rock. Just one of the many amazing fishing areas around Sproat Lake, Greenmax is rivaled by the Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, and Steelhead fishing in the lake itself. It’s not uncommon to hook into a Three Spine Stickleback. The cutthroat fishery on Sproat Lake is catch-and-release only, and all wild rainbows over 60 cm are catch-and-release as well.

Popular with the kids is the Bullhead fishing around the docks and shores of the lake and there is an abundance of Crayfish as well. You may even run into Koi (Asian Common Carp) Make sure not to put them back into the lake and report your catch to the Community Association Conservation group!

Provincial Parks and Campgrounds

Sproat Lake has 3 Provincial Parks with a variety of activities and options available to the traveler and the residents alike. By far the most accessible and popular is Sproat Lake Provincial Park, featuring boating, swimming, kayaking, jet skiing and water skiing. Located 15 minutes West of Port Alberni in Kleecoot Arm, the park boasts a freshwater boat launch, two separate camping areas, and a day park with picnic and swimming facilities. Walking along the trails to the eastern end of the lake will bring you to the K’ak’awin Petroglyphs. Worn by time, the Petroglyphs still impart the energy of the past and the ancient First Nations Settlements by the lake.

The second most popular park destination lies along the shores of Stirling Arm in Fossli Park. Originally purposed as a recreational boat-in day use park addressing the needs of residents for regional recreation, the park has become a popular hiking area with a variety of sights to see on your journey through the trails. The highlight is the suspended bridge and the waterfall. The 130 acres were donated by Helen and Armour Ford who inherited the land from Helen’s father. He had purchased the land from Mr. Faber, who gave the area the name Fossli after a village in Eidfjord, Norway. The word Fossil or Fosseli means “waterfall in the valley” in Norwegian. The park was the site of the old homestead of Helen’s family.

The last Provincial Park Campground is found down Taylor Arm 23 km northwest of Port Alberni towards Tofino and Ucluelet. Taylor Arm Provincial Park is a camping facility close to the shores of Sproat Lake in an undeveloped section of the Lake. The campsites are located across the highway and Sproat Lake can be accessed via the highway underpass. The beaches are undeveloped and there are two day use areas for visitors. There is also a fresh water hand pump located in the camping area during the open season. For those that want the wilderness camping experience by the lake, there is Sproat Lake Camping in Two Rivers Arm. This site offers sites that can be reserved for the Summer. Family oriented camping, a bit of a drive on the logging roads, but well worth it if you are looking for a little peace of Sproat lake.

Fish and Duck Pub & Marina

Named for a day out fishing and a duck into the pub for a cool one, the Fish and Duck Pub is a favorite of the locals and has grown into its own little resort on the lake. The pub had a major facelift in 2020 and now boasts an amazing pub menu with local award-winning beer on tap from the local Brew Pubs. Enjoying the sunsets from the pub patio or cruising the lake on one of the Houseboats available from the resort make this a destination for any Summer vacation or even a cozy evening getaway. The Fish and Duck provides an amazing lake experience with cabins built in the 1920’s and a variety of ways to enjoy the lake including motorized and non-motorized sports and the equipment you need to do them.

Sproat Lake Landing

The Sproat Lake Landing, formerly known to the locals as the West Bay, is another wonderful place to enjoy the lake. The Drinkwater Restaurant is steeped in the history of the original Joe Drinkwater tugboat, which began over a century ago in 1899. The Prospector and trapper that the Tug is named after, discovered the tallest vertical waterfall in Canada and named them after his wife Della. Della Falls, 1443 ft. high, is about 30km from Sproat Lake and now a popular overnight hike accessed by Great Central Lake. Visit the landing and learn a little history of the area, enjoy amazing food, drop in for a treat at Della’s Café, or make the landing your home base to explore the island and the lake from.

Sproat Lake Local Schools

Sproat lake is serviced by École Alberni Elementary School and Alberni District Secondary School via daily bus service. Students attending École Alberni Elementary can take advantage of French Immersion schooling.

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